Testimonials Continued

Artt Mann (cont.)

“But ended up in Germany for 2 years. Volunteered in Germany to go and got sent to airport to Download smoke filled bags of soldiers coming back from war. Pcs to Fort Riley and in 18 months here did 4 tours (lol)to NTC. Got out of Army and after 9/11 i joined the KSARNG  and in 2004 trained up for deployment in 2005 . Came back and ETS not on my terms in 2011 while i was still seeing doctors for my knee surgery in 2010.

 So my right  knee injures started in 2003 took direct blows to the knee cap multiple times through a few years.

In 2005 my left shoulder off loaded my company duffel bags went to sleep and woke up and couldn’t move my arm at my shoulder. Ended up it was bursitis.  

In Nov 2019 had Surgery to remove bursa sac as it popped and tore other things. In surgery they also ground some bone out to make more room if bursa sac grows back.

 Results from PRP: Left shoulder has been getting better slowly at first. But seems that I’m not losing my range of motion like I was before.

Right knee  the grinding noise is not as loud now and is a little more smooth.  Now I only have a popping sound about every few days. 

 Staff: Knowing i am thick skinned and my veins roll where normal people get blood drawn. We tried a different place on my forearm  was drawing good till we got like 25mg out and it stopped. 

Got smaller syringe  and  got 30mg out of wrist area on other arm.  All the personal were very caring and even one Doc was showing another how to use ultrasound on shoulder to get injection where you want it. 

And last but not least thanks to all that provided food.”