Vietnam Medal of Honor Recipient to join Enso Doctors under our program this Saturday!

“When you find a passion that moves you, it requires little motivation to push forward.”

Patrick Farley

So Blessed

When you find a passion that moves you, it requires little motivation to push forward. As an entrepreneur it is essential to try to find an outlet as well, as 100% focus on the business can wear a man down. I’m a lucky man to be able to combine them.

Thanks to Frank Kirby, Tod Bunting and Chris Wolfenbarger and others, we will have the Privilege  and Honor to treat Mr. Don Ballard, A Medal of Honor Recipient this Saturday through our Shots for Soldiers program, free to help veterans in pain. Of course every veteran we help is very special to us. 

I happen to have a particular fondness for Vietnam Veteran Heroes, as I grew up in a small great farm/steel town where it seems many brave men were called to this war. Bill Martin Vietnam Veteran and “WARRIOR” in every sense, being one of my heroes from my town. 

Hosting Our DPC Physicians

We are also excited for our large visiting DPC physicians training class that will be here training under Dr. Andrew Pope, Dr. Corey Orava and Dr. Steve Peloquin, to be able to help treat veterans and then take it back to their state to help more there under our 501c3.

Mr. Donald Ballard

Mr. Donald Ballard, Sir….. We are very excited to welcome you, as we are all veterans that day with our PRP Program. (Closing in on 100 veterans treated for Free.)

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