What People Are Saying About Shots for Soldiers

Artt Mann

“I was in Army in OSUT for being a M1A1 tank crewman. In Nov 1990 . And was in that training when the First Gulf War started. From there i had 6 different sets of orders some were to take me directly to war…”


Brody Monceaux
I learned about PRP from Frank, a long time friend who I had the pleasure of serving with before his retirement.  8.5 years, lots of duty stations, pilot, now SOF. I’ve had knee and shoulder pain for a long as I can remember…” 


Frank Kirby

For over 5 years I have struggled with planters fasciitis, back, knee, and shoulder issues. Rarely was there a day that the pain did not affect my ability to walk or play sports with my kids. I was taking over the counter pain meds…”


Jason Snell

Firstly, I want to thank you again for this amazing program to help Veterans find some comfort and care of their issues and conditions. I heard about the event Shots for Soldiers from Dan Watkins, the commander of…”


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