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About Us

About Us

Both Frank Kirby and Patrick Farley are veterans and businessmen, who fully understand the seemingly endless battle vets can face when it comes to getting help for their daily struggle with pain. Through “Shots For Soldiers”, we have found the solution. By offering the patent-pending Enso Doctors Rebound PRP ourselves and partnering with very willing independent physicians across the country, we can swiftly deliver great potential pain relief to so many veterans.”

Our plan for the future is to expand Shots For Soldiers across the nation to reach as many veterans as possible.

We started Shots For Soldiers with an idea for a very rewarding, in-person experience at a local level, and that idea has grown rapidly into a national opportunity. Partnering physicians who have chosen to participate in Shots For Soldiers have found the experience to be overwhelmingly fulfilling, and they are now wanting to host their own events across the country with our help.

Our plan for the future is to expand across the nation and potentially add more services, such as wound care, and pet care/service dogs for veterans. We are all about taking action now and getting help to veterans in need. Since we started a few months ago, we have treated almost sixty veterans for FREE, with many more currently signing up. We hope to treat hundreds or even thousands in the coming years.

Interested veterans should download and fill out these forms and email them back to us at: [email protected] to see if you would qualify as a good potential candidate for treatment!


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