Very excited for our new DPC physicians Training class at our office in Manhattan, Kansas!

We spent 3 1/2 hours treating a hard working man named Kevin, who has some terrible diabetic wounds on both feet. Here is a summary of his treatment:

Kevin was in the hospital in another state for 2 plus months with results that weren’t promising. With the help and kindness of his friends Virgal Tyrone Woolfolk and Nancy, we flew him to our Kansas office where we did more in 3 1/2 hours of work to help him. It is very possible we saved his toes and foot. 

On Saturday morning, we showed the class the wound progress and got some detailed before and after photos and videos for Dr. Orava to share in training and with all DPC physicians that use our patented PRF/PRP. Our training was very inspiring and was followed by an awesome ONE Year Anniversary, where over 100 veterans were helped for free through our “Shots For Soldiers” program on Saturday. Medal of Honor Recipient Don Ballard will be back to get his Achilles’ tendon and plantars fasciitis injected with Enso Doctors Rebound PRP, which has proven to offer tremendous success when done correctly with Enso Rebound PRP.

Dr. Peloquin did an amazing job on Don’s neck and back last time, as did the amazingly talented DPC visiting physicians with his knees, shoulders, hands and elbows. It was a great team effort and he said he feels so much better!

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